302. Two Things For Your Sunday Funday

The possibilities are endless in Nashville on things to do, but today we have narrowed it down to a hearty brunch and a good movie.

Biscuit Love Brunch
Fans of beloved food truck Biscuit Love Truck can grab brunch at their brick-and-mortar restaurant in The Gulch. The restaurant serves fluffy biscuits, plus craft beer, and brunch cocktails. A grab-and-go pastry counter and a John’s Ham Bar with beaten biscuits are also served. One of our favorite items on the menu is the East Nasty, a biscuit with a fried boneless chicken thigh and aged cheddar. Yum! See the menu.

The Belcourt Theatre
Nashville’s nonprofit film center, The Belcourt Theatre, is a gem and always a treat when visiting. They are showing The Salesman at the moment (along with other films). It’s a suspense thriller about a couple moving in a new home and something we will be watching today. They will be showing the movie at 2:10pm, 5pm, and 8pm. Check it out!

302. Two Things For Your Sunday Funday

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