289. Two Things For Your Sunday Funday

The weather prediction for Sunday (checked on Friday, Feb. 17) is sunny with the high of 73°. Despite the calendar date, it’s spring! And we’re taking advantage of the spring weather by planning to head outside. Join us!

Hillsboro Village
Hillsboro Village is the perfect spot to get a taste of Music City while being outside. You can take a walk down the street and pop your head in and out of the many boutiques. Enjoy a meal outside at restaurants like Jackson’s Bar & Bistro or Double Dogs. You can even snag a cup of coffee from Fido and take it outside. And, of course, take a load off at Fannie Mae Park just down the road. But that’s not all. See more at: visitmusiccity.com/hillsborovillage.

Yazoo Taproom Pub Sing Sing-Along
After a long day of exploring we are going to chill out at Yazoo Brewing Company for a Yazoo Taproom Pub Song Sing-Along presented by Make Music Nashville. During the event, pints will be consumed while members of Nashville’s premiere barbershop quartet will play. Check it out!

fundraiser-poster 2.png

289. Two Things For Your Sunday Funday

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