256. Embers Ski Lodge #NashvilleRestaurantWeek

Happy second day of Nashville Originals Restaurant Week! Earlier this afternoon we stopped by Embers Ski Lodge to check them out. They have two meals for the occasion and two drinks. We had the Salmon Fresco which is a seared salmon with salsa fresco, avocado cream & a cilantro garnish that is served with chips and salsa. To wash it all down we enjoyed the Salted Citrus Old Fashioned. Each combined (both meal and drink) perfectly and gave our tummy a wonderful experience. See below for everything they offered and check them out!

Lunch & Dinner:
Salmon Fresco – 14
Seared salmon, salsa fresco, avovado cream & cilnatro garnish. Served with chips and salsa.

Soup & Sandwich – 12
Sliced queso blanco, spring mix & bacon on texas toast. Served with a bowl of homemade tomato soup.

The Tennessee Trail – 7
A 16oz can of Harp & Harry’s Tennessee Lager with a shot of Jack Daniel’s

Salted Citrus Old Fashioned – 12
Old Forester Bourbon, Salted Citrus Simple Syrup, Domain de Canton & Angosture bitters.

256. Embers Ski Lodge #NashvilleRestaurantWeek

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