254. Three Things For Your Sunday Funday

Hello, Sunday! Today, we’re heading on over to 3rd Avenue to have some fun.

Coffee first
So if you haven’t guessed it, we’re checking out the Johnny Cash Museum SunDiner350x467.jpgthat is on 3rd Avenue. Next door is the Johnny Cash Museum Cafe which is where we will be getting a warm beverage to perk us up for the museum. Find more about the cafe.

Johnny Cash Museum
After the coffee, we will be exploring every inch of the museum which features the Man in Black. They have the largest most comprehensive collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia, chronicle Cash’s legacy through stunning graphics, artifacts, and interactive technology. Love it. See more on the museum.

Sun Diner
Of course, after the musuem we will be hungry and conveniently placed to the right of the museum (if you face the front) is Sun Diner. This diner is open 24 hours and pays homage to legends of Sun Records (like Johnny Cash). We can’t wait to try the “Love Me Tenders” named after the classic by Elvis Presley. Check out more on Sun Diner.

AND Please remember that tomorrow begins Nashville Restaurant Week. We will be doing a post each day and hope you enjoy!

254. Three Things For Your Sunday Funday

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