183. Nashville Rockstar – Becca Stevens

With the message of “Love Heals,” Becca Stevens through her nonprofit, Thistle Farms, has helped the lives of women affected by prostitution, addiction, and trafficking. These are towering, horrific problems within our world that are almost unimaginable. Yet, they are here, and heroes like Becca Stevens are facing them head-on.

Thistle Farms is a safe haven for those scarred from the issues aforementioned. Each year, they house victims, give them purpose, and offer a new life. No one is ever judged once they walk in the door at Thistle Farms and met only with love and compassion. Since its founding in 2007 by Becca Stevens, the nonprofit has started Thistle Farms Home & Body, Thistle Farms Global, the Thistle Farms Cafe, and Thistle Farms Studios. Each program spreads the underlying message of “Love Heals” to the world while helping the victims of prostitution, addiction, and trafficking.

In 2016, Thistle Farms housed 40 residents, made 812 medical and therapeutic appointments, employed 1,450 women in 18 countries, and opened 30 sister organizations and 20 affiliate organizations, in 29 different states. They are responsible for over $850,000 in wages earned by survivors. Thistle Farms reaches hundreds of women across the world yearly through residential program services, case management, referrals, legal services, the courts, and general outreach. All of which couldn’t have been done without its founder, Becca Stevens.

Due to her work, Becca Stevens has been featured in the New York Times, ABC World News, NPR, PBS, and named “Champion of Change” by the White House in 2011. She is even in the running for CNN Hero of the Year (take a moment and vote here). She is a hero, a Nashville Rockstar, and a person who we hope never stops singing the song of love to the world.

If you would like to help Thistle Farms you can volunteer or donate at: thistlefarms.org.

183. Nashville Rockstar – Becca Stevens

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