170. Some Of Our Favorite Coffee Spots In Nashville

Our fuel throughout the day is caffeine. One way to obtain this miraculous thing is through coffee. And with the air getting crisp as each day goes by we thought we would share some of our favorite coffee spots in Music City.

Barista Parlor
Barista Parlor has gained national attention in the last two years as being a great place for a fantastic cup of coffee. Don’t expect to be handed something from a big coffee dispenser. Oh no. Each cup is made when it is ordered and it usually takes about 15 minutes to brew. But the wait is always worth it. Check it out.

Bongo Java
Each Bongo cage is a gathering place for residents, students, musicians, artists, and more. Located within many of Nashville’s distinct neighborhoods, Bongo Java is always great for a quick cup. Check it out.

Fido blurs the line between upscale coffeehouse and casual restaurant with an emphasis on organic and local foods served in an inviting atmosphere. The all-day menu features Nashville’s finest mix of organic, exotic, and junk foods. Check it out.

Frothy Monkey12TH AVE  Frothy Monkey 1A8D9226.JPG
Frothy Monkey is a neighborhood restaurant & cafe offering a diverse menu including breakfast, lunch & dinner in addition to the service of outstanding coffee, espresso drinks, & house-made teas, and beverages. Check it out.

Steadfast Coffee
The core of Steadfast Coffee would be their guests. The will do everything in their power to roast and serve the best coffee possible. Stop by to try one of their flash-chilled coffees, rested drinks, or their popular coffee sodas. Also, this Friday they are offering a free cup of coffee to each guest. Check it out.

170. Some Of Our Favorite Coffee Spots In Nashville

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