139. Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration

Represent your neighborhood and join the celebration of Nashville’s community with the Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration, on September 24, at Scarritt Bennett Center. The event is free to all. And to entertain they will have a Battle of the Bands, Neighborhood Showcase, Chili Cook-Off (with tasting), Kidz Zone, and so much more (see schedule and activities below) for neighbors to enjoy together. Have we mentioned it’s free? Yep. Check it out: nashvilleneighborhoodscelebration.com.

Schedule & Activities:52db39_f21b70e12ea14194bc25551bffdaf155-mv2_d_1650_1275_s_2.jpg
Neighborhood Showcase
Non-Competitive Displays: 10am-3pm
Competitive Presentations: 10:15-11:15am
Battle of the Neighborhood Bands: 10:15am-3pm
The Neighborhood Games :1-2:30pm
Chili Cook-Off & Tasting:
Judging & Awards: 11:30am-12pm
Free tastings: 12-1pm
Neighborhood Salon: 10:30am-2:30pm
Information Bazaar: 10am-3pm
Kids Zone: 10am-3pm
The Drawing Room: 10:30am-3pm

139. Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration

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