106. Tomato Art Fest

TAF22.jpegTonight, you better rest up. Because tomorrow we head to the Tomato Art Fest. Nashville’s time-honored tradition centered around the tomato. We absolutely love this festival as it showcases Nashville’s creative side in one of its most unique neighborhoods, East Nashville. This year, they once again have curated some outstanding events to attend. Things like the Bloody Mary Competition, Giant Ice Cream Sundae Extravaganza, Bobbing for Tomatoes/ Tomato Toss, Suspended Gravity Circus, and so much more.

We can’t forget about the music. Kansas Bible Company, Music Band, Chrome Pony, That’s My Kid, and more will be playing throughout the entire day on multiple stages set in East Nashville’s 5 Points area. Plus, there are a slew of amazing vendors to check out and the art is not to be missed. OH! And have we mentioned it’s free. Oh yeah.

We do believe we hit all the highlights, but feel free to check out: tomatoartfest.com for more information.


106. Tomato Art Fest

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