78. The Birdhouse

Our latest escape from the kitchen is The Birdhouse located in East Nashville. We had it just last Friday and we can’t stop thinking about that sweet, spicy Korean BBQ. They claim it’s the finest fried chicken in the South. Bold statement and we almost want to say it’s true. It is certainly unique, tender, and OH so good. For us, we got three tenders doused with their house sauce, Gochugaru, which translates to Korean red pepper powder. Spicy, yes, but nothing to cry about. It has a sweet taste to it which mixes perfectly with the spice making your taste buds dance with joy at the unique flavor.

Now, in case you don’t know this place is located within a small brick building, sort of like a shack. But to the left of the ordering window is a lovely patio area filled with picnic tables where you can bring you own beverages (yes, alcohol). Go check it out while the sun is still out. The full menu is below and their address is 726 McFerrin Avenue.

Need more head to: birdhousenashville.com.

download (15).jpeg


78. The Birdhouse

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