63. Nashville Rockstar – Shannon Sanders

In honor of Black Music Month we feature one of Music City’s top producers, Shannon Sanders. The man embodies what Nashville is all about, creating music. Over the years he has collaborated with countless artists to make music the world loves. He has a great passion for his art which has led to a fantastic career that is far from over.

To start off, Shannon Sanders is a GRAMMY, Emnashshannonsanderscroppedmy, and Dove award-winning producer. He has worked with artists such as India.Arie, Jonny Lang, Robert Randolph, John Legend, and the list goes on. Nashville’s urban music scene would be nothing without the work of Shannon Sanders which seems to have grown with him during his time in Nashville. At the young age of 12, he moved to Music City. He went to Hillsboro High School and graduated from Tennessee State University. It would have been easy to move to L.A. or New York where the urban scenes were much larger at the time, but Sanders chose his home of Nashville. This was due to his belief in Music City and its creative community. That no place in the world creates music quite like Nashville. As time went on he became established within the music community allowing him to explore new roles.

His passion and creativity is what sets him apart. Something the board of the Nashville chapter of the Recording Academy saw in him when they elected him President. The Recording Academy is part of the GRAMMYs and designed to honor achievements in the recording arts and support the music community. And who better to run the organization for Nashville than an artist who understands the struggle, the passion it takes, and the creative process? An obvious choice if you ask us. Another great fact, he is the first African-American president of the The Recording Academy’s Nashville chapter which speaks highly to the diversity within our city and the music community.

Not only has he helped the music scene of Nashville, but he continues to help the young community as well. Officially, he is involved in the Pearl-Cohn Music Academy, GRAMMYU, and GRAMMY Mentorship Programs. He also uses his time regularly to speak to young people in classrooms and in the streets. When we asked about his role in today’s young community he stated, “I myself am a product of the Metro Public Schools. That’s why it is important to me to contribute in any way that I can to the growth and success of our youth.” It is great to see leaders in our town not only push the bar to new heights, but not forget their roots. Something that should be recognized and respected.

For our closing song we would like to remind everyone of how important these leaders play a role for our community. Shannon Sanders is a prime example of someone who is advocating for the music and diversity within our community which improves the life and culture of our city. We can’t wait to see what this Nashville Rockstar does next. Keep rockin’, Shannon Sanders.

63. Nashville Rockstar – Shannon Sanders

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