61. Miniature Golf at First Tennessee Park

The Band Box, located in the back right of First Tennessee Park, is now home to The Country Club, a miniature golf course. The course holds nine holes each designed by a Nashville artists (see list below). It is able to accommodate parties of 1 to 4 with the price being $5 per person and is open regular hours with extended hours following Thursday,  Friday, and Saturday home games. Go check it out and make sure to thank the Nashville Sounds, OZ Arts Nashville, Strategic Hospitality, and the artists for their work.

Hole 1: Bankshot, developed by William and image1.JPGSascha Kooienga

Hole 2: Big Spinning Head, developed by Alex Lockwood

Hole 3: The Flare Loop developed by Andrew Ferrin

Hole 4: The Drive Home, developed by Isle of Printing

Hole 5: The Door, developed by Jeff Stamper

Hole 6: Gibson Guitars – A World of Harmony developed by Cano Ozgener/Rain Dance by Jairo Prado/The SOUNDS of Music City by James Threalkill

Hole 7: Color Wall developed by Herb Williams

Hole 8: Fishboy’s Perilous Putt, developed by Cory Basil and Brian Somerville

Hole 9: Last Chance, developed by Andrew Ferrin


61. Miniature Golf at First Tennessee Park

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