60. Butcher & Bee

Nashville meets Charleston in the form of Butcher & Bee. There was a lot of hype around the opening of this East-side eatery, but their fresh and innovative menu was well worth it. If tapas are your thing, look no further than Butcher & Bee.  Start your meal off on the right foot by loading up on mezze plates, with unique flavors and clever names like “’Luke, I am your fava’” (fava beans with spring peas, green garlic aioli, and pecorino) or “Hot Potatoes” (sweet potatoes coated in a red wine vinegar glaze then topped with picked chilies).

Then, graduate to one of their flavorful entrees (that is, if you’ve managed to save any room in your stomach) and pass them around the table—the food at Butcher & Bee was made with love and meant to be shared.

For more information visit: http://butcherandbee.com/locations/nashville.


60. Butcher & Bee

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