53. First Day of Summer

Not sure if you have heard, but it is the first day of summer. The first of many days spent outside, soaking in the rays, enjoying the great outdoors, hearing live music, having ice cream, and we could go on & on. We thought it would be good to fill you with an arsenal of excellent links to make the most of your fun this summer. Check them out below, and feel free to reach out to us on Twitter if you have any questions. Have a great adventure this summer in Music City.

Ice Cream in Nashville: visitmusiccity.com/icecream

Patio Dining In Music City: visitmusiccity.com/patiodining

14 Things You Have To Do This Summer With Family (updated regularly): visitmusiccity.com/summerinthecity_familyevents

13 Summer Events Music Events In Nashville (updated regularly): visitmusiccity.com/summerinthecity_musicevents

12 Summer Events Food Events In Nashville (updated regularly): visitmusiccity.com/summerinthecity_foodevents


53. First Day of Summer

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