363. Nashville Rockstar Smashville

Was there any doubt. Oh yes, this month’s Nashville Rockstar458784735-1_CreditJohnRussell_NashvillePredators has to be Smashville! To all the people who have screamed at the television game after game.Those who have flooded to Bridgestone Arena as many times as possible. The fans who’ve been through the bad (when Pekka went through a slump) and the really bad (Weber was injured). You are all Rockstars and now the Nashville Predators need you more than ever. Show your colors, channel your inner fandom, and get ready to get loud!

So far, the Nashville Predators have taken games 1 & 2. The Anaheim Ducks came back swinging and won game 3. But no worries. They won’t snag game 4. Not if Nashville Rockstar Smashville has anything to do with it, right? We hope to see you there, in gold!


For tickets and more information about the playoff season head to: predators.nhl.com.


363. Nashville Rockstar Smashville

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