282. Last Chance to See The Largest Shark That Ever Lived!


After this weekend the Adventure Science Center will be closing their Megalodon: Largest Shark That Ever Live exhibit (last day is January 31). The exhibit allows you to walk through a full-scale replica of the jaws of a Megalodon to discover the fascinating story of this ancient creature. It’s an amazing exhibit that will have the kids laughing, having fun, and learning all at the same time. Go see it before it is too late!


  • If Shark Teeth Could Talk – You can tell the species of shark just by looking at their teeth. Touch a full set of 46 Megalodon teeth, and view real specimens showing teeth differences between upper and lower jaws, male and female sharks, and sharks’ unique system of tooth replacement.
  • Circle of Life – Growth rings are visible in shark vertebrae or “centra,” much like tree rings, and indicate a shark’s age at death. Turn a wheel with a shark centra to magnify and count rings to estimate the age of the shark.
  • Ancient Sharks – Sharks have been around for over 400 million years. View models of some of these curious early sharks and the specimens that give us clues.
  • Shark Tooth Study Center – Shark teeth are the most commonly collected fossils. Bring your own shark teeth or use those provided to compare the species on display.
  • Megalodon Extinction – Several factors caused Megalodon’s extinction about 2 million years ago. Climate change and shifting food resources are part of the story. Learn about extinction and guess which of five modern animals are in danger of extinction today.
  • Megalomania – Megalodon has intrigued people for thousands of years, and still intrigues us today. View Megalodon teeth used by ancient Native Americans, and see modern books, clothing, and jewelry inspired by Megalodon.
  • When Did Megalodon Live? – Megalodon lived from 17 to 2 million years ago when the world’s oceans were generally warmer. Compare Megalodon’s time on earth to dinosaurs, humans, and other animals. And see fossils of some of Megalodon’s neighbors.
  • Fact or Fiction? – There are plenty of common misconceptions about sharks. Compare Megalodon’s place in time to dinosaurs and humans, and learn how unlikely it is today to be attacked by a shark.

The exhibit is included with general admission. For more information, visit www.adventuresci.org.

282. Last Chance to See The Largest Shark That Ever Lived!

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