269. The Johnny Cash Museum

Johnny Cash needs no introduction. It’s hard to go anywhere and find someone who’s not familiar with the Man in Black. Especially in Music City. In fact, just off Broadway is the Johnny Cash Museum which is dedicated to telling the life story and music career of this icon. The museum boasts the largest and most comprehensive collection of 20130506-_JJG0224test fb.jpgJohnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia in the world. Each visitor can listen to his records through the years, find out his role in film, get a personal touch inside his home, and look at his many accomplishments. A true Music City experience and something to be cherished by both visitors and Nashvillians.

Even if you have been to the museum recently we have a reason for you to go back. They are expanding by 40%! The new space will include interactive exhibits and artifacts. The hope is to have it all complete by mid-February. Start making the plans to revisits this outstanding museum.

For more information about the museum go to: johnnycashmuseum.com.

162Museum Exterior.jpg


269. The Johnny Cash Museum

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