238. Santa Rampage

It’s on! TONIGHT hundreds of people will be dressed just like Santa and descend upon Nashville’s 2nd Avenue. We’re not kidding and this is not a drill. It happens every year and has become a tradition for most (like us). The best part: everyone’s welcome to join in on the fun. Christmas.pngSo, grab a Santa suit or tacky sweater, and meet along the bars on 2nd Avenue. So you know, usually people start arriving around 6:30pm, but the important thing is to be there for the big photo op. At 8pm once everyone has gathered around 2nd Avenue we walk up to the Christmas tree at Public Square Park and take a photo together. Don’t miss it! HO HO HO!

Need a little more info before joining the silliness? Then, click here.

238. Santa Rampage

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