229. Nashville Rockstar – Otis James

Our next Nashville Rockstar’s main instrument is a needle and thread. Otis James creates beautiful handcrafted bowties, ties, hats, and hankies from beginning to end. His ideology and craft has lead to massive success and it all started with a simple request.

After exploring our fine country on bicycle Otis James moved to Nashville in the year of 2009. He decided he wanted to make clothes and took a job within a local tuxedo shop. One day, someone asked him to create a couple neckties for a gift. At the time he never made a tie, but was happy to do the work for commission. The present was successful and over the next few months Otis James was called upon more and more to make custom neckties for weddings. By 2010, he filed for a business license to continue his work and fulfill his wish made just a year before.

The business license led to a couple wholesale accounts, an online store, and eventually his own shop. His current location is 1006 Buchanan St., in North Nashville, where you can find him hard at work and browse a great selection of inventory. In our eyes, none of his success would have been achieved if it wasn’t for his passion. He firmly believes in taking the time, doing it right, and creating something special. If you stop by his store you will see that everything, from the first thread to the final signature, goes through his hands.

Otis James’ story is a story of Nashville. Our creative community is thriving due in large to people like Otis James. He is an inspiration to us all to find something we love to do and share it with the world. So, as our last statement we say thank you Otis James and hope you keep rockin’.




229. Nashville Rockstar – Otis James

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