186. 15th Annual Hauntings at the Hermitage (and CONTEST!)

Next Saturday is the annual Hauntings at the Hermitage! It has fun for the whole family (see below on how to win FREE tickets). During the event, the doors of the Hermitage will be open for friends to take a journey through the mansion and hear ghosts stories from the past. Throughout the evening a hayride will take brave souls through the bahermitagenight415x272 2ck of the property and into the scary barn where ghouls and ghosts will be waiting around each corner. The little ones will love the presidential trick-or-treat stations where they meet people from America’s past while getting candies! Make sure to bring chairs to get cozy in front of the inflatable movie screen on the lawn sharing classic Halloween films. PLUS! you can experience making 19th century potions, have your fortune read, paint pumpkins, and so much more! Yep, for one price you can experience all of it. Bring the family out and see how Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage celebrates the season.

4-7pm recommended for all ages
7-10:30pm recommend for ages 13 and older

Head to our Facebook page to learn how you can win 4 tickets to The Hauntings at the Hermitage and a gift basket. Do it: facebook.com.

186. 15th Annual Hauntings at the Hermitage (and CONTEST!)

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