167. Lunar Eclipse Day

TONIGHT (September 27) there will be a lunar eclipse. That’s when the moon moves through Earth’s shadow. This will be the last chance to see a total lunar eclipse locally until 2019. And we know just the place to see it in all its glory. The Adventure Science Center of course! They are making a whole day out of it. From 10am to 8pm they will have plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained (see list below). Then, from 8:07-11:27pmlunar-eclipse-2015-09-27-1024x533 head on out to view the eclipse. It’s the making of a perfect day for friends and families in Music City. So, GO!

Schedule of Activities:
· Solar System in Your Pocket – Create a little take home that shows you the relative distances between the sun and all of the planets in our solar system. Also, get to see how the sun, moon, and the earth compare to one another with some scale model demonstrations.

· Phases of the Moon – Hold the moon in your hand and take on the role of Earth as you rotate and see the phases of the moon change from new moon to full moon and back again. Learn why there isn’t an eclipse every month.

· Craters in the Moon – Join us outside the building for a fun experiment! See how meteor impacts create craters and the pattern of debris that is thrown off from the impact when we drop different sized rocks and balls into a container with flour and cocoa powder.

· What Color Will It Be? – Vote on what color you think the eclipse will produce while learning about diffraction!

If you need more information just head on over to adventuresci.org.

167. Lunar Eclipse Day

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