143. Nashville Rockstar – Mayor Karl Dean

If you have ever taken a seat inside the new First Tennessee Park, been in the crowd during a concert at the new state-of-the-art Ascend Amphitheater, or marveled at the Music City Center, then you need to thank Mayor Karl Dean. Over the last several years Mayor Karl Dean has propelled our great city to new heights in education, state of living, and economical development. He has pushed us forward through the good and the bad. Before he leaves office let’s take a moment and remember the great work of Nashville Rockstar Mayor Karl Dean.

Mayor Karl Dean was sworn into office on September 11, 2007. From the first day in office he has been an advocate for improving schools and education in NasMayorDeanhville. He helped recruit Teach for America to Nashville by raising the funds & bringing in the teachers to sustain the organization. He was a heavy supporter of bringing in more charter schools to improve the public school system in Nashville. Also, Metro school’s budget tripled during his tenure. And he launched his Limitless Libraries program which is a partnership between public schools and libraries to foster resource sharing between the two institutions and bring students access to more than 1.5 million library items through direct delivery to their schools.

Who could forget the flood? May of 2010, Nashville was hit by one of its worst natural disasters. Nearly 11,000 properties were damaged or destroyed during the flood. 10,000 people were displaced from their homes. $2 billion in private property and $120 million in public infrastructure was damaged. That includes legendary places like the Ryman Auditorium, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the Grand Ole Opry, and more. And in this moment Nashville showed its true colors. Behind the leadership of Mayor Karl Dean the city banded together. Tens of thousands of volunteers from the Nashville area and beyond joined forces to put our city back together. While it might have taken a city over 5 years to fully recover, Nashville came back much sooner and better due in large to the leadership of Mayor Karl Dean.

At every opportunity Mayor Karl Dean believed in Nashville. He invested in Nashville, its people, and believed in what we as a community could do. He has created more jobs, improved the education, grew our economy, and made Music City a fantastic place to live. If you were to ask what makes a good mayor you would probable be met with a thousand different answers. However, we ask a different question: how do you feel about Nashville today compared to eight years ago? This is how we know Mayor Karl Dean did right by Nashville. Just look around you. The greenways, the schools, the people, everything. Nashville’s future is bright and never have we felt more proud to be a Nashvillian. There is no amount of thanks we could give that would properly show our appreciation for Mayor Karl Dean and how he has led Nashville over the last several years. However, he can rest assured we will never forget what he has done for us. Thank you Mayor Karl Dean. Keep rockin’.

143. Nashville Rockstar – Mayor Karl Dean

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