118. Trivia Time: Acme Feed & Seed

You may know a lot about nothing or a little about everything. If you fit into either of these categories, enjoy a Wednesday night at Acme Feed & Seed. Trivia is hosted at 6:30 on the second floor lounge. Prep your team for a couple of hours of great drinks, good food, and a bit of rowdiness. The lounge has a great list of cocktails, beer and wine that you’ll be sure to Second Floor Lounge - Emily Hallfind perfect, sushi from Nashville’s infamous chef Sam Katakura and other appetizers like the nachos, which easily feed a group of five. Trivia nights at Acme bring in both locals and tourists alike – all wanting to be a part of the friendly Southern competition.

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some time before on the 4th floor rooftop bar overlooking the Cumberland River and Broadway. Then after trivia, take a listen on the first floor where there’s always nightly live music.

For more information about Acme Feed & Seed go to: theacmenashville.com.

118. Trivia Time: Acme Feed & Seed

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