105. String City

You have to get over to the Country Music Hall of Fame and MuseuPuppetFest_StringCitym sometime this week for String City. It’s a colorful telling of the history of country music in Nashville through puppetry. Yes, PUPPETRY! And it. Is. AMAZING. Your favorite stars and songs come to life like you have never seen before. One of the first songs you hear is DeFord Bailey’s “Pan American Blues” and right before your eyes is the man himself as a marionette huffing and a puffing on that old harmonica. And one of the last songs is none other than “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift. There’s so many, too! Numerous marionettes, hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, and more depict Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, June Carter Cash, and other country music legends. A must see for families and friends of all ages. So, go see it!

From July 21st through the 25th they are showing two shows at 10am and 11:30am inside the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. For more information just check out: library.nashville.org.

105. String City

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