97. Burger Week (July 17-24)

Starting this Friday is Nashville’s Burger Week. An opportunity to try delicious and tasty burgers for only five bucks. We were excited about having one of our favorite foods for such a low price, but then we saw the list of restaurants and became ECSTATIC. Some of the places have just recently opened up and have been on our list to try (like Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint). Look below for the full list and start planning your week!Mark-Boughton-Moonshine-Burger

Participating restaurants includes:
The District Bar & Kitchen
Gabby’s Burgers & Fries
360 Burger
Drake’s Cool Springs
The Slider House
Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint Nashville
The Stillery
Elliston Place Soda Shop
Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant
Flip Burger Nashville
Culver’s Culver’s
Twin Kegs
Bar Louie
Embers Ski Lodge
Park Cafe
Pomodoro East
Eastland Cafe

For more information go to: facebook.com/NashvilleScene

97. Burger Week (July 17-24)

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