71. SuperCoolFunFest

The 90s were great, weren’t they? I mean you had Jurassic Park, Wayne’s World was released, Seinfeld was still on the air, and Dunkaroos were available. If you agree then you need to be at Cumberland Park for SuperCoolFunFest on June 20. An entire festival with a 90s themed. Music will be performed  by My So-Called Band (a 90s cover band). Then, you get the chance to play games like Skip It, Jenga (the giant version), and Legends of Hidden Temple obstacle course. Plus, there’s beer. And If you get a little hungry food trucks will be on site to satisfy your needs. What more could you ask for in a Saturday? Go check it out. Tickets: supercoolfunfest.com.

There offering discounts, too. Just head to their Facebook page.
Also, word on the street is if you dress up in your favorite apparel you might receive FREE drink tickets.11094218_1401063190220919_1170485475001275382_n

71. SuperCoolFunFest

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