55. Nashville Rockstar – Nina Miller

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. You probable heard about it, right? The big music festival that takes place at Manchester, TN just down the road from Nashville. Well, I bet you didn’t know the festival also provides plenty of support to regional and national organizations devoted to improving the community. That is due to the Bonnaroo Works Fund which was administrated by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and led by Nashville Rockstar Nina Miller. web-bonnaroo-works-fund

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has always devoted it’s energy to changing the world for the better. It’s not just about jamming out with thousands of people, but devoting yourself to something bigger and helping the community. Nina Miller joined that mission in 2013 when she became the Executive Director of the Bonnaroo Works Fund. Since then, the efforts of the program have increased astronomically. In 2014, the Bonnaroo Works Fund named nearly 40 nonprofit organizations as recipients. That’s double the number of grants from the previous year. One of the recipients includes ‘Music Makes Us’ that provides quality music education to all students K-12. Something else that has been added since Nina Miller took the job is ‘The Wall’. This groovy structure shows the donors to the Bonnaroo Works Fund and celebrates all the good the program has accomplished with its supporters. AND if you make a donation to the program, at the festival, you can watch your name go on ‘The Wall’. Pretty cool, right?

Don’t think Nina Miller’s career is limited to what we stated above. She has worked in Nashville for quite sometime. And previous to working with the Bonnaroo Works Fund she helped grow the Gibson Foundation and created GuitarTown, a public arts project that united Nashville’s art, music, and business community to raise money for charitable organizations including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and United Way of Nashville. (Find out more about GuitarTown.)

Nina Miller is proof how one person’s work can help make the world a better place to live, play, and experience. We thank her and proud of what she has accomplished. Can’t wait to see what she does next. Keep rockin’ Nina Miller.

Donate to the Bonnaroo Works Fund here: cfmt.org.

55. Nashville Rockstar – Nina Miller

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