45. Identity: An Exhibition of You

I bet you didn’t know that your fingerprints are genetic, but the ridges are not. Pretty interesting, right? Well if that meets your fancy then you need to know about Adventure Science Center’s new exhibit Identity: An Exhibition of You. It explores the physical, psychological and social elements in your life that make you tick (see details below). And it opens this weekend on May 23. For the occasion, Adventure Science Center’s offering special programming from 10am-3pm which includes Brain Basics, Are you a Superstar?, Take-Home Chromatography, DNA Extraction Necklaces, and more. The exhibit lasts from opening day until September 7. So, if you can’t make it Saturday just add it to the list of things to do in Music City.

Three Areas of Identity:AdvScienceCtr-29

Genetic Identity:
– Explore height, and how your height is inherited
– Explore sibling genetics, you have more in common with your siblings that you thought.
– Scroll through fetal development footage to watch how a baby develops in the womb.
– Take a photo of your face, and determine how symmetrical it is.
– See how your face ages – depending upon healthy vs. unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Psychological Identity:
– Personality “tubes” – Who do you think you are?
– Identify the 5 main aspects of personality through various stations
– “Listen to a Spectrum” is a musical adaptation of personality traits. Gauge how much of a trait you express – and the music changes accordingly. You become a DJ, and can decide how much of a sound fits who you are.
– Identity disorders with Dr. Julian Paul Keenan (big green brain) where he discusses disorders.

Social Identity:
– Step on a platform and surround yourself in a colored circle, when you get close enough to another – your colors blend and when you distance yourselves – a part of their color stays with you.
– “Project Implicit” uses sorting as a means for discovering hidden bias (women and science, babies and blue and pink clothing).
– Match your skin color to a shade on the color wheel, and that map displays other areas that have that color.
– Take your photo and morph yourself into the other gender, or various races.

If you need a little more follow: adventuresci.org.

45. Identity: An Exhibition of You

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