34. East Nashville Chicken Chase

TODAY, everyone is welcome to the 2nd Annual East Nashville Chicken Chase and Hot Hen Hoedown. It’s completely FREE to the public, as in you don’t have to pay. Right about now, 1779293_1395005204103814_91848926_nwe bet you are asking yourself: “Well what do I get at such a great price?” Let us relieve you of your query and say for the low price of FREE you can experience the Hot Hen Fashion Show, a Chicken Chase Race featuring local chickens competing for the Golden EGG-cellence award, Chicken Poo Bingo in the Rooster Coop, Square dancing, Petting Zoo, Local Celebrity Chef Showdown, Fanny’s Kids Talent Show, and, of course, live music! And just to reiterate it one more time – THIS IS FREE. So, come!

ALSO this amazing, unique, Music City event occurs at The Pavillion East. It was one of our Ten Things to Do in Music City, and in case you can’t come, mark your calendar for next year! If you need any more information follow: eastnashvillechickenchase.com.

34. East Nashville Chicken Chase

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