25. Nashville Rockstar – Herb Williams

Today, we bring you our first Nashville Rockstar. Each month we will feature a unique individual making Nashville and the world a better place through their craft. We call them Nashville Rockstars and their not limited to just musicians. Quite the contrary, we will talk about the many artists, political figures, or just ordinary people doing what they can to make Music City and the world better.

Which brings us to our first Nashville Rockstar, the talented Herb Williams. His craft is art, and his tools are crayons. Not to draw or color, but to create sculptures. Yes, this artist snips, trims, and cuts crayons to his liking then attaches them together to make beautiful art. These pieces can take up to hundreds of thousands of crayons. Which is why he’s one of the only people in the world with a Crayola account. Before creating a piece he orders individual colors packed at 3,000 to a case.

By using what we loved as children, or still love, his art transports you to a childlike curiosity and always brings a smile to your face. There’s no wonder this Nashville artist’s work is displayed in the White House, corporate lobbies, children’s hospitals, public arenas, and 11182229_10152936144016799_3154915958132537248_nmuseum walls. Most recently, he held an exhibit at the Rymer Gallery, in Nashville, called Call of Couture. He has made everything from animals to a piece titled Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire that was displayed at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Texas. It stood outside and consisted of several large sculptures, some eight-feet tall, that under the hot outdoor conditions melted together to produce the affect of real wild fire. The art was made to bring awareness to wildfire devastation and educate many for future planning. AND he also helps the community by donating any unused and left over crayons to schools.

As you can see, Mr. Herb Williams is without a doubt a great contributor to the Nashville community and the world. We are proud he calls Music City home. We thank him, and hope this Nashville Rockstar continues to do great things.

25. Nashville Rockstar – Herb Williams

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