9. LEGO KidsFest

This weekend, from April 17th to the 19th, LEGO KidsFest hits Music City. AND WE CAN’T WAIT. Sweet memories of building great things with LEGO bricks are flooding our mind. The ships, space crafts, and all the awesome buildings that started from one LEGO brick and ended up a master piece. It all takes place at the MLEGO_SuperHeroesusic City Center, and we hope you come join the fun.

During LEGO KidsFest, children and families will be able to experience the LEGO Model Museum featuring miniature and life-size models made entirely of LEGO bricks, Brick Battle Zone complete with relay races, tower speed builds, bridge building contests and more, LEGO Master Builders presenting live demonstrations, Creation Nation where you can build your own personal LEGO creation and add it to a basketball-court sized map of the U.S., and the list goes on and on. (To see the full list of activities follow: visitmusiccity.com/LEGOKidsFest.) Seriously don’t be one of the people who misses this. Children, families, friends, and more should experience this amazing entertainment-packed event in Nashville.

This happens to be one of the 12 Things You Have To Do This Spring with Family in Nashville.

9. LEGO KidsFest

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