334. Ninja Bomb @ Phat Bites Deli

Not too far from Downtown Nashville, and worth the drive is Phat Bites Deli in Donelson. We sincerely doubt you will be able to find another sandwich shop with the style like Phat Bites. Graffiti art cover every inch of the wall with couches and lounging stations throughout this groovy restaurant. To match the unique atmosphere is a menu filled with culinary masterpieces perfect for lunch time. Items like Big Jerk, Hot Affair, Morphine Wrap, and Ninja Bomb comprise this unforgettable menu. Our favorite, the Ninja Bomb. Made with Chinese Chicken, Lettuce, Shredded Carrots, Granola, Sunflower Seeds, and a Raspberry Vinaigrette. A savory mix with the a sweet taste from the raspberry vinaigrette that has us visiting this places on a monthly basis. And as should you.



334. Ninja Bomb @ Phat Bites Deli

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