311. Monterey Salad @ Darfons Restaurant & Lounge

Established in 1989, offering traditional American fare in Music City ever since, is none other than Darfons Restaurant & Lounge. Brick walls line around the booths to offer an atmosphere which makes you feel right at home. Each one is like your own cozy little nook. They take pride in their hospitality service as well as their menu. Try their Monterey Salad. Fresh and some of the best mix of ingredients. Romaine lettuce, granny smith apples, dry-cured black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, toasted almonds & raspberry Zinfandel dressing, plus topped with avocado & hard boiled egg. The lovely fruit and sour taste from the granny smiths mix perfect with the raspberry dressing. Then the added combination from toasted almonds and hard boiled egg make it a salad that is one of a kind! You can find this restaurant and meal at 2810 Elm Hill Pike. Hope to see you there some time.

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311. Monterey Salad @ Darfons Restaurant & Lounge

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