303. The Hatchery @ ACME Feed & Seed

The ACME Feed & Seed, located on Nashville’s Broadway, has something for everyone, including barbecue, fish, veggies, sushi, desserts, and drinks. If you feel a little confused about the menu – don’t! It all meshes very well together in a uniquely Nashville way under the four stories of the ACME building.

The Hatchery is a bowl full of flavor, having just the right amount of spice, with delicious coconut rice and fry bread to sooth the taste buds. It also has the right amount of food for dinner or lunch the next day. Be warned: you will want to lick your bowl, so try to control yourself.

ACME also offers a little live music from a singer/songwriter during the lunch hours, which is perfect for those still wanting to meet out for a business lunch, a family with kids, or those wishing to kick back and forget about work for a while. 



303. The Hatchery @ ACME Feed & Seed

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