286. Chocolate Goozy Cake @ Goozy

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that made it a point to serve amazing dessert anytime of day? Oh wait?! There is! It’s called Goozy and it’s located in Green Hills. A Nashville-based dessert bar specializing in molten mini-cakes. While they may be called mini, they pack a flavor you only dream about. Especially there Chocolate Goozy Cake. Dark chocolate molten cake with a soft chocolate center, salted caramel gelato, rye whiskey caramel sauce, and toffee brittle bits. Oh BABY! It makes a day just perfect.

By the way, it’s more than just dessert. They also serve sandwiches, coffee, craft beer, and wine. Oh! and ask why they call it Goozy when you visit. Besides just being fun to say there’s a story that will make you laugh. Enjoy!



286. Chocolate Goozy Cake @ Goozy

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