258. Four Course Meal @ The Melting Pot

Go make a memory in Music City at The Melting Pot located on Nashville’s Second Avenue. It’s a premiere fondue restaurant. For those who have had fondue already know, but for those who have not, here’s how it works. You receive a HUGE pot of heated edible liquid. This liquid could be melted cheese, chocolate, or hot oil. Then they provide you with a whole bunch of awesome things to dip in the heated liquid. Things like strawberries go perfect with the melted chocolate, or enjoy premium filet mignon cooked to your liking inside hot oil. It’s really all up to you. Which is why going to The Melting Pot is so awesome. You can do whatever you want, with whatever you want. If you want to dip pineapple inside their amazing chocolate fondue then do it! There’s no rules. Just go with what you feel. We always recommend everyone order their 4-course experience. That way you get the works. It includes one cheese fondue for the first course, followed by an individual salad, then your entree, and last their awesome chocolate fondue. Just know, every time you go to The Melting Pot you can be sure of two things. 1) You will have plenty to eat, and 2) you will remember the experience for years to come.



258. Four Course Meal @ The Melting Pot

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