256. Baby Back Rib Plate @ Bar-B-Cutie

Just imagine it. Rich barbecue sauce, poured over a hot slab of baby back ribs that are so tender they practically fall of the bone. Plus home made baked beans that are full of flavor and a southern style potato salad. Then to top it all off, delicious sweet cornbread. Each item made fresh daily, just like a home cooked meal. Now, stop imaging this amazing meal and go get it at Bar-B-Cutie in Nashville.

The amazing people of Bar-B-Cutie have been serving the Nashville community since 1950. Not much has changed. They continue to make everything from scratch and provide one of the best places to buy barbecue in Music City. We hope they keep it that way! They have multiple locations which you can see below. Go check them out!

Nashville/ Bellevue – 615-646-1114

Nashville/ Brentwood – 615-834-6556

Nashville/ Harding Place – 615-454-3454

Nashville Airport/ Donelson – 615-872-0207



256. Baby Back Rib Plate @ Bar-B-Cutie

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