239. Adele’s Meatballs @ Adele’s

Tonight we go to Adele’s in The Gulch. Interestingly enough the building used to be an old Universal Tire Center. What they have done with the space is truly amazing.The garage doors remain intact, and the concert floors have been refurbished. Wooden tables line the dining area offering a fresh and clean look. The menu features flavorful cuisine prepared under the guidance of famed chef Johnathan Waxman. True American cuisine created from the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. As for a recommendation, well, the Adele’s Meatballs is a fantastic starter. Two large meatballs on top of polenta & grana. Polenta is cornmeal boiled into porridge and the grana is a type of cheese. Each ingredient pairs perfect with each other creating a fantastic start to a meal that you are sure to remember.



239. Adele’s Meatballs @ Adele’s

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