232. Prodigal Sun @ Holland House Bar & Refuge

Happy Friday! You made it. So happy to see. Now that the weekend is here we can have some fun. Holland House Bar & Refuge in East Nashville offers guests an experience through creative cocktails and unbelievable dishes. The menu is designed by Chef Hrant Arakelian and features flavors from his Southern U.S. and Lebanese heritage. Each meal crafted to perfection with tastes found and matched no where else. It’s so hard to pin point out one particular meal to have at this fine establishment, therefore we decided to concentrate on their other specialty, cocktails. Just like the menu, their cocktails are one of a kind. These bartenders know exactly how to wet your whistle. Start with their Prodigal Sun cocktail. Made with tequila, Aperol, ginger, a squeeze of lemon, and slices of cucumber. A complex mix of tastes from the tequila and Aperol combine with the the simple fresh taste of ginger, lemon, and cucumber creates a refreshing after work drink. Go enjoy it! You deserve it.

Holland House Prodigal Sun


232. Prodigal Sun @ Holland House Bar & Refuge

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