213. Margherita Pizza @ Bella Nashville

My dear friends. We have a must for you to try. Belle Nashville Pizzeria preserves the techniques of old Italy while offering a unique taste and experience in Music City. Their oven is made from an organic Terre Blanche white clay. Their mozzarella and dough is made in house daily. Their toppings come from local meats and produce. Their sodas are made in house from fresh squeezed juice and unrefined turbinado sugar. Their whole wheat bread and pizza options are made from house milled organic wheat berries. Are you starting to see a trend? These guys don’t mess around when it comes to offering you delicious, organic, and locally sourced food. It’s what they do. For your first time order their Margherita Pizza with mozzarella, crush tomatoes, and basil. You could say a lot about this wonderful nine inch pizza, but we rather say it in two words: heavenly divine. Go get it!



213. Margherita Pizza @ Bella Nashville

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