210. Summer Veggie @ Tavern ’96

It’s Thursday and TONIGHT the Nashville Predators take on the Chicago Blackhawks. We are so excited and we know just the place for those going to the game or looking for a place to watch it. The Tavern ’96 is located right outside of Bridgestone Arena (home to the Nashville Predators) and have an excellent selection on tap, a full menu, and the Predators on the screen. You can head on over for an amazing dinner before, after, or during the game. They have appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, and flat bread pizzas. We love their Summer Veggie Flat Bread. Compiled of caramelized onions, mushrooms, grilled squash, fresh tomatos, mozarella, and ricotta. Filling and a great mixture of fresh ingredients. The caramelized onions are our favorite part giving it a zesty sweet taste not found anywhere else. Go check it out, and GO PREDATORS!



210. Summer Veggie @ Tavern ’96

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