203. Freggie Roll @ Nomzilla

Today we feature not only a delicious meal, but a new word! The new word is NOM which is the sound of someone really enjoying what they are eating. Which is exactly what we did when we ate at Nomzilla Sushi et Cetera not too long ago. This is a sushi restaurant where you can get creative and make a sushi roll anyway you want. Seriously, you select the style, the fillings, the wrap, the rice, everything! The wonderful people of Nomzilla are there to serve you with the exact roll of your choice. Now, if you don’t know exactly how you like it or what you want. No worries. They also have a wonderful selection of sushi rolls you can choose from. We love their Freggie Roll. Pineapple, carrot and cucumber roll, topped with sliced strawberry, mango, kiwi, and avacodo. So fresh and so perfect. Nomzilla is located in the Edgehill neighborhood and opened for lunch and dinner. Go check them out!



203. Freggie Roll @ Nomzilla

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