172. Doritos Nachos @ Hurry Back

Located on the Rock Block on Elliston Place, Hurry Back invites beer lovers to unite at their place – either indoors at the bar and surrounding tables or on their deck outside. This joint, opened in June 2014, also offers patrons small bites to munch on throughout their evening including their Doritos Nachos. A platter filled with Nacho Cheese Doritos served  with jalapenoes and pepper jack cheese. A perfect plate to share while trying all the amazing brew they offer. Their beer is a mix of both draft, bottled and canned; from high-gravity to imported beers. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, creating beer cocktails with interesting names, such as Dragon’s Breath and Snakebite – don’t let it scare you, these cocktails are truly delicious. One of the focal points of Hurry Back is their gaming station, including old school Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots and bubble hockey. So grab a brew, grab a seat and game on.

photo 4


172. Doritos Nachos @ Hurry Back

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