156. Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel @ Hops + Crafts

What do you need for a day of tasting fine Nashville craft beer in Music City? A jumbo pretzel that is full of salt that compliments the beer and allows you to keep tasting all night long. The wonderful people at Hops + Crafts understand this and make sure to have a supply of jumbo pretzels that will never run out. Perfect for trying all the beer they have on tap including the local brews. They have Black Abbey, Jackalope, Fat Bottom, Tennessee Brew Works, Turtle Anarchy, and Yazoo. That’s six different Nashville beers you can try at one stop. That’s not all they have though. Oh no, there’s more. From coast to coast and all over the country, Hops + Crafts is a great place to try some beer with friends. Make your way towards Hops + Crafts in the Gulch order you a Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel with their spicy mustard and settle down for a long day of tasty wonderful craft beer.




156. Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel @ Hops + Crafts

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