150. Sweet Potato French Toast @ Fido

Enjoy a meal at Taylor Swift’s favorite place to grab a cup of coffee. We are talking about Fido over in Hillsboro Village. This spot actually used to be a pet store (hints the name) before its renovation into one of Nashville’s favorite coffee shops. As soon as you walk in you will enjoy the sight of busy college students, inspired songwriters, and more enjoying the taste and pleasures of Fido. With such an ensemble of characters you know they have a vast menu to meet the needs of their customers. Try the Sweet Potato French Toast. Unique, tasty, and awesome! We like to call it our breakfast for champions. Why? Well because you feel like a champ ready to conquer a day after eating this meal. The French toast is doused in caramel, pecans, 100% maple syrup, powered sugar, and then of course whipped cream. You could call it dessert, but we call it breakfast.



150. Sweet Potato French Toast @ Fido

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