148. Pulled Pork @ Hog Heaven

A big ole plate of pulled pork with barbecue sauce poured all over. That’s what we are having today. No contest! We want it pilled high, and tender. That’s why we are heading over to Hog Heaven in West End to grab a plate of their pulled pork. What makes them unique compared to other places is the sauce they use. The Kickin’ Chicken white barbecue sauce and they don’t go light. It is doused all over the plate. We love it. The sauce is spiced with a kick (hints the name) and one of the best white barbecue sauces we have ever tried. Each pulled pork plate comes with your choice of two sides. The green beans are mean, and the potatoe salad is fresh. Can’t go wrong with either of those choices, but we will leave up to you on what you want. We can’t wait to get over there today and order us a big ole plate of pulled pork. Hope to see you there!339203_256684341048274_389767862_o



148. Pulled Pork @ Hog Heaven

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