128. P.C.B.L.T. @ The Stone Fox

Today we showcase the P.C.B.L.T, which is almost like a tongue twister. Don’t worry we won’t make you say it 5 times in a row or anything. Just make sure you can say it once. The P.C.B.L.T. is a pimento cheese served lettuce, tomato, and bacon on provence sourdough bread. You can grab this awesome sandwich at The Stone Fox just north of Sylvan Park. They like to say their P.C.B.L.T. is “two classics united into one beautiful sandwich”, and it is oh so beautiful. The pimento cheese is outstanding with a rich blend of homemade ingredients. In addition to mix classic sandwiches into one beautiful thing, The Stone Fox also host live music almost every single night. If there is not music, we guarantee there is something going between those walls that will bring a smile to your face. Seriously, go have some fun at The Stone Fox.



128. P.C.B.L.T. @ The Stone Fox

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