324. Nashville’s Music City Name

We all know Music City is synonymous with Nashville. It’s been that way for quite a long time. Back in the 1870s, the Fisk Jubilee Singers went on a world tour to raise money for their school. They performed for Queen Victoria, who was so delighted with their performance, she said she was sure they had come from a “musical city”. That’s where it began. Fast-forward nearly 80 years. David Cobb is an  announcer on WSM (broadcast home of the Grand Ole Opry). He first used the name Music City USA in a 1950 broadcast and continued to use it. It stuck! Now it’s all over the place. In company names, on t-shirts, in articles, signs, websites, everywhere. And it’s quite fitting, don’t you think? How else could we so easily come up with 365 Days of Music in MUSIC CITY?


324. Nashville’s Music City Name

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