353.2. Tennessee Flavors

Very cool event that gives you the opportunity to taste food from some of Nashville’s best chefs and most promising culinary students. A professional chef is paired with a student to prepare food for event-goers. All the food is centered on Tennessee ingredients. And the guest of honor? Allan Benton. You know, Benton’s Bacon. The most sweetly, smoky delicious bacon and pork out there? If you haven’t tasted this man’s pork, this is a great event to do so. He’s offering to chefs his product to incorporate in their dishes. ALL of the proceeds of this event go to scholarships for the Nashville State Community College Culinary School and purchase of cooking equipment for their school. So, you get to taste amazing Tennessee food, from incredible Tennessee chefs, all while benefiting a great Tennessee cause.

http://www.tnflavors.org  or  http://www.facebook.com/TNFlavors

Tennessee Flavors : NSCC Student Services Center, White Bridge Road Campus
March 8, 2012, 5-8pm.

353.2. Tennessee Flavors

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