239.2. Nashville Farmers’ Market

The Nashville Farmers’ Market is composed of three distinct sections: The Farm Side, Market House and Flea Market. The Farm Side is open everyday (except Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day) year-round. The fruits and vegetables you’ll find are actually from farms, so offerings are seasonal. But you can also get honey, jams, plants, soaps, meat, cheese and other items, depending on the merchants there that day. The Market House is in the center of the complex and contains 11 restaurants, a coffee cafe, seafood vendor and an international market. The Flea Market is open Friday-Sunday only with more than 50 merchants selling everything from socks and jewelry to pottery and candles. The busiest days for all parts are Friday-Sunday. You can see specific merchants’ schedules on their website. The Market also hosts special events featuring live music, cooking demonstrations and more. Buy local. Eat local. Wear local. The Nashville Farmers’ Market has it all. Check out their Facebook for frequent updates and news.

nashvillefarmersmarket.org and facebook.com/nashvillefarmersmarket

239.2. Nashville Farmers’ Market

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