229.2. Berry Hill District

Home to more than 400 businesses and almost 40 recording studios and music publishers, Berry Hill is a quaint and funky little neighborhood (less than one square mile) in south Nashville, near 100 Oaks. Whether you need craft supplies, unique gifts, dog treats, food or drink, Berry Hill has it all. Or maybe you’re in the market for a new chiropractor, dentist, herbalist, lawyer, accountant or stylist – you can get those here, too. Businesses are housed in colorful bungalows, adding to the inviting and friendly atmosphere of Berry Hill.

Berry Hill District : http://www.berryhilldistrict.com

229.2. Berry Hill District

One thought on “229.2. Berry Hill District

  1. Thanks for posting “229.2. Berry Hill District | 365 Days of Music in
    Music City”. I personallymight definitely wind
    up being back again for far more reading and commenting soon.
    Thanks, Roderick

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